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Puffer Jacket Repair (BRIGHT YELLOW) | Self-Adhesive, Pre-Cut Patches, Soft, Waterproof, Tear-Resistant Rip-Stop Nylon Fabric (11 Pieces)

Puffer Jacket Repair (BRIGHT YELLOW) | Self-Adhesive, Pre-Cut Patches, Soft, Waterproof, Tear-Resistant Rip-Stop Nylon Fabric (11 Pieces)

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Introducing the Original Puffer Jacket Repair Patches from Nordtown available in Bright Yellow colour with 11 self-adhesive pre-cut repair patches.

-QUICK DIY REPAIR KIT - it takes seconds to apply the pre-cut self adhesive patch and make the repair to your puffer down jacket.

-EASY & RELIABLE PERMANENT REPAIR - a fast, easy-to-use, subtle and permanent repair that doesn’t spoil your items appearance, flexibility and texture and most importantly your cool look.

Dimensions of “Oval” Patches
1 x 60mm x 42mm
1 x 42mm x 24mm
2 x 15mm x 12mm
Diameters of “Circle” Patches:
1 x 42mm
2 x 30mm
2 x 15mm
2 x 12mm

-DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING - using the latest high-tech performance rip-stop nylon technology this fabric is waterproof, tear resistant and can be used to fix puffer jackets, down jackets, torn umbrellas, gloves, bags, backpacks, skiing clothing, sleeping bags, and tents.

-HOW TO USE: clean the area on your down jacket or clothing around the rip, hole or tear that needs to be patched (if there are pesky feathers sticking out, push them back inside under the fabric), select the appropriate size and shape of the pre-cut patch, peel off the backing and stick to the area that needs to be fixed. Job Done! Goodbye tear and hello like "band new" Mr. Down Jacket!

-SUPERIOR SERVICE - we cut no corners in our products & will cut no corners in providing the highest service as practically possible to you.

-CHOICE OF COLOURS - we currently have 18 colours available and are always looking to add new colours so please let us know if there is a new colour you would like, popular colours include Black, Navy Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Red, Orange and Dark Green. If you can't match your colour, chill and choose a contrast, have some fun!

-ABOUT US - we are a small, family-run business and our products are designed and manufactured in the Ireland.

- OUR MISSION - we are on a mission to help our planet. Every year, the world creates approximately two billion tons of rubbish. Together if we can increase the lifespan of our belongings, we’ll reduce what goes to landfill. Less newly manufactured products equals less energy requirements and a decrease in global warming, reduced rubbish, cleaner oceans and a healthier planet for all the precious life in our wonderful world. We report and audit all our packaging and are fully compliant with EU and International legislation. This further ensures our commitment to greener packaging and achieving a carbon neutral footprint.

-SHIPPING & GUARANTEE - Worldwide FREE shipping and 2 years guarantee. Your repair will be to the highest standard and is the best solution available on the market today!

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